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  • Styling and outfit advice
  • Welcome-drink
  • You don't need to be a model to get beautiful pictures, we specialize in making you look your best
  • We will conceal or retouch problem areas
  • Our studio is specially equipped for portraits
  • Choice of different backgrounds
  • zur Serie passende Studiomöbel
  • best portrait lighting system
  • with manual beauty retouching


The package consists of the preparation, the studio work time and the respective amount of processed images. All photos in the package are retouched by hand.



Choose out of3-4 shoots

Included in the package:
1 photo retouched
printed (13x18 cm) or as file
(13x18cm/300dpi, ca. 2300x1500px)

1 photo retouched
as a fullformat file
(at least 20 Megapixel)


Topseller 2022


Choose out of10-20 shoots

Included in the package:
3 photos retouched
printed (13x18 cm) or as files
(13x18cm/300dpi, ca. 2300x1500px)

3 photos retouched
as a fullformat files
(at least 20 Megapixel)


Change of clothes surcharge 30€



Choose out of30-40 shoots

Included in the package:
5 photos retouched
printed (13x18 cm) or as files
(13x18cm/300dpi, ca. 2300x1500px)

5 photos retouched
as a fullformat files
(at least 20 Megapixel)


Change of clothes surcharge 30€

Schwangerschaft - Babybauch Fotos


New life is growing in the mother's belly. The body changes every day. There are hardly any more exciting events.

Intense moments captured in emotional photos. The expectant mothers can also be accompanied by father and siblings.

glad to have everyone in the photo

families and groups

All generations in one picture. Small groups of individual families and also individual photos.

Look Good - fine portrait photography


Easy-going, self-confident or tough - show how you are!
They will become your favorite picture.

Look Cool - Man photoshoot


Casual, fun or daredevil, show your best side. We will help you!

Character portraits of the adventurers or rather the friendly casual - be what you are or show many sides - take something to change!

Show your love - Show your life


  • Relaxed-funny and sensual-in love.
  • Show your relationship in great pictures.
  • Favorite pictures will emerge.
  • Photos are the anchor for wonderful memories.
Premium series also on location

Outdoor series

We charge the premium series and a surcharge of €200 in 1010 Vienna. Other locations on request.

exciting days in life

1st day of school Communion Confirmation

A phase of life professionally keeped.

Memories for life.

Pets in the best light

Animal photos

Animals are wonderful to photograph, loyal companions through many years of life. But honestly, with your own camera it usually doesn't turn out that great.

Come to us, patience and experience in dealing with animals and the necessary empathy characterize us.

Dogs, cats, canaries, hamsters, guinea pigs, ... - Animal companions on great picture.



Make-up artist

Our make-up artists emphasize your advantages with special professional make-up and smoothe the skin.

It makes you look fresh and well-groomed. Cover redness, mattify with photo powder.

Man in Studio (decent, business-style) 29€
+ hairstyling +12€

For women, decorative make-up can also be added as desired. Effective eyes, lips appropriate to type.

Woman in Studio 49€
+ Hairstyling short hair +16€
+ Hairstyling long hair +25€

Make-up on location, as required up from 200€

Only with appointment!
For reasons of hygiene, we ask you to bring your own mascara!
But you can also buy one of the professional make-up company Nouba from us.


reading pictures

We advise according to scientifically sound principles, trained in handling and reading hidden statements in the portraits.

Posture and body language play an important role.

After photographs have been taken, the data is stored on our server, color-optimized roughly adjusted by hand and secured finaly. That happens throughout the day.

  • Choosing on the next working day is free.
  • Choosing right after taking the picture 29€

Befor we start


  • Different clothes and underwear, depending on the series, preferably take a little more with you, we choose together
  • For couples or groups - matching attire
  • You are also welcome to drop off your things before the shooting
  • Appropriate shoes, some heels for women (in winter replacement shoes instead of fur boots)
  • Avoid imprints caused by clothing that is too tight (socks, underwear)
  • Jewelry not to much, but maybe a received gift
  • Styling hair and nails
  • The last visit to the solarium should be two days ago

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